Phinix Automation: A Potential Numero Uno for Testing Machines

Hemant Madhukar Jambe, Founder

When most people think of factory automation, they think of robots. Software solutions have become the vertebrae of the factory automation domain. Based out of Nashik, Phinix Automation is a complete solutions provider for factory automation manufacturing products that are meant to reduce errors, enhance the safety of the customers’employees’, increase their productive capabilities and give better product quality.

Phinix started out as a fixture manufacturing unit and later became experts in mechanical engineering products followed by extending their capacity and potential in various other domains. In the testing domain, Phinix has developed sophisticated systems like Advanced Customer Inspection- a testing cell, wherein the customer can see the test simultaneously on site and off site by remote access. The company also has supplied machines like the Combined Contact Alignment & Testing Machine for- combined test of mechanical & electrical parameters of a product, Automobile Valve Test Bench, RCCB & MCB Test Bench, Switching and Endurance Test Bench, Busbar Testing Unit (HV, IR, Schematic, CRM etc.), Leak Test Bench, Actuator Testing and Contactor Test Bench etc. Phinix is renowned for the manufacture of Assembly Lines, Special Purpose Machines, Workstations & Material Handling Equipment like Conveyors and Manipulators. The company is adept at developing standard products that cater to simplifying the work in various industries.

With a futuristic element in all their solutions, Phinix focuses on creating solutions for problems that are truly important i.e. those which add value and meaning to their work and the customer’s too. “A majority of our
customers have been with us since inception of the company because they have the confidence that we can always deliver and come up with the best suited solutions. To put it in a sentence –“Perfection is our goal and excellence will be tolerated”, explains Hemant Madhukar Jambe, Founder of Phinix Automation.

"Phinix intends to focuson Test Automation, Robotics, IoT, Process Automation and Solar Technology"

Proven Expertise Time & Again
Given the project cost being a crucial factor, Phinix team pays a lot of attention to the right selection and use of the appropriate tools. The experts at Phinix begin with identifying the initial strategy for automation in order to decide the functions that need to be included in the product/ project i.e, deciding what to automate. Such diligent approach has added a wide range of projects to Phinix’s portfolio. Projects like CCAF, ACIF, Inductor Line, Busbar Line, LBS & VI Line, Drive Line, Mechanism Assembly Line, Steering Valve Assembly Line, Piston Rod & Shock Absorber Assembly Line, Escalator Assembly Line and Pump Assembly Line are the feathers in their hat. Particularly, the Breaker Line holds dear to the Phinix team. The team put its efforts in strategizing, designing and executing the project successfully. The project included all aspects i.e. automation, hardware, software, electrical, pneumatics and DC tools etc. Integrating all these and installing the complete Breaker Assembly Line, Phinix was able to bring full satisfaction to the customer.

“We became confident and the customer’s confidence in us motivated us to charge ahead. This was one of the milestones for the company”, adds Hemant. The customer was highly delighted with the Breaker Line and had it installed at a vantage point near the entrance, for everyone to admire.

With such extensive successful experiences, Phinix endeavours to become the most preferred credible company, known for its ‘First Time Right’ manufacturing. Phinix intends to focus on Test Automation, Robotics, IoT, Process Automation and Solar Technology. Apart from these goals, the company is poised for a foray in the international market as well. As of now, Phinix has supplied to customers in the Middle East region and is planning to enter the Asian and European markets in 2019.