Mastek: Empowering Business to Go Digital

John Owen, Group CEO

The past decade has witnessed an astonishing technological evolution, where Digital Transformation has ushered in the Golden Age of Digital Business. Providing enormous opportunity to businesses of every size, this movement brings together technologies such as AI, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, 5G, and Big Data & Analytics, which have all been working in tandem to propel organizations’ growth across different departments and drive enterprise-wide transformation. Companies today have thus become increasingly aware of the importance of building successful digital strategies and delivering innovative experiences to their customers.

However, in trying to achieve these objectives, enterprises fail on many fronts with their digital strategies often being hindered by budget constraints, massively inadequate systems, overly complex or rigid legacy IT infrastructures, absence of complete visibility across the end user experience, lack of available or appropriately skilled personnel and the lack of buy-in from leadership on prioritizing digital initiatives. As a result, organizations today are in need of digital transformation partners that not only possess an in-depth understanding of these challenges but can work with them to leverage scarce and expensive engineering resources to drive more innovation.

Perfectly understanding these challenges and requirements, Reading, UK headquartered Mastek Limited steps forward to address them with a complete suite of Digital Transformation services, designed to help businesses remain agile and relevant in a world of fast-paced change.

Focused on engineering excellence
Since its inception in 1994, Mastek, a digital transformation specialist, has been focused on engineering excellence for a widespread customer base across the UK, the US and India. Recognizing that Digital Transformation strategies contrast greatly with Legacy IT in their ability to offer greater speed, quality business models, more access to all parts of the organization and an improved customer experience, Mastek’s core services leverage digital transformation as a means to create more value for customers, while also ensuring more interactions and transparency. With a vision to enable large-scale business change programs through its offerings, the company facilitates its customers with an expansive portfolio of solutions and services that includes agile consulting, digital
commerce, BI and analytics, application development, support and testing services. Be it creating new applications, modernizing existing ones or recovering failing projects, these services have been centered around helping customers to navigate today’s complex technology landscape and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive business space.

“While legacy IT involves very static requirements which have to be captured for over two years to build the application, Digital entails a more dynamic business environment that is characterised by greater agility and the capturing and modification of requirements as the market demands,” explains John Owen, Group CEO, Mastek Limited. As Digital Transformation has increased the pressure on traditional suppliers today, Mastek foresees immense opportunity for growth in this segment. “With our strong engineering heritage and delivery track record, we're a loT more agile in delivering enterprise-grade solutions for large corporations and governments that require more speed, while upholding the traditional values of scale, good architecture, good engineering and quality,” adds John.

An Agile Approach to Digital Transformation
Digital transformation today is revolutionizing the way business is done and future-proofing organizations for the continuously changing internal factors, external competitors, industry trends and new technologies. An agile approach therefore is most suitable to support the roll-out of these initiatives across the business and to ensure that all the teams involved can quickly adapt and deliver value. Understanding this, Mastek exercises strong capabilities across six major areas of digital transformation to support its customers, the first among which is Agile Consulting. With an objective to help businesses operate in a more dynamic market and quicken their decision making, Mastek’s Agile Consulting team engages with them to help them build digital programs within the organization and become more responsive to the drivers of the market. Some of the areas in which the company renders expertise include – scaling and embedding agile, establishing a DevOps culture, digital service strategy & design, going from project to product, agile coaching and training, and derisking programs.

Spanning across the end to-end technology change processes from the stage of inception until going-live,these agile developments take on an incremental delivery approach and work to provide an increase in ROI and increase in through put, while also managing risk and maintaining control. Moreover, these services also help businesses gain a competitive advantage by emphasizing on adding value to the customers and increasing their customer responsiveness. With this approach, Mastek has managed to add
value to a wide range of customers, from start-ups to global enterprises, where the company rendered its expertise to help manage change in complex environments and facilitate the co-existence of innovative systems with large legacy estates.

"Mastek exercises strong capabilities across six major areas of Digital Transformation to support its customers, the first among which is Agile Consulting"

In addition to Agile Consulting, Mastek’s Digital Transformation suite also encompasses services for Application Development, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Project Recovery, Application Support & Maintenance and Quality Assurance & Testing services.

Ensuring Secure and Robust Application Development
Companies that pursue Digital Transformation today are no longer just satisfied with initiatives that are incremental improvements to their current status quo, but are in need of radical new service delivery models to gain advantage over their competition. Constantly faced with the ‘push to transform’, these businesses are in need of more innovative and engaging application models, to enhance their market presence and improve their interactions with customers. Acknowledging this need, Mastek employs its core business of application development to help businesses build new projects and applications. Be it a COTS Implementation or a Greenfield Application Development project, the company leverages Agile Development using open-standard technologies to provide end-to end solutions. “We can both build new applications or modernize legacy applications, especially those which were built in a very static environment and need to be made more digitally agile. We develop applications with enough flexibility and collaborative working abilities, which can be linked not just with the financial systems but also with the supply chain, sales process and marketing platforms,” affirms John.

Mastek also delivers these services to diverse domains and has emerged as a trusted partner for programme delivery with a track record of 96 percent on-time delivery and 2.5 times less defect density ratio as compared to industry norms. Some of the advantages offered by Mastek’s applications include improved customer service through data and insight strategies, increased price competitiveness, ubiquitous product availability, pervasive mobility,decreased product cycles, a digital channel shift and more process improvement and automation.

In addition to application building, Mastek also provides Application Support & Maintenance services, to make applications more dynamic and cost-effective. To bring this about, the company uses DevOps, one of its core capabilities, to bring more speed and agility into the development and support environment.

Improving Organisations’ Competitiveness with BI and Analytics
Business Intelligence and Analytics have emerged as a critical part of the Digital Age owing to their role in improving the financial performance of organizations and enabling timely decision making for the execution of projects. However, the strength of BI lies in the ability to intelligently analyse data. While there is more and more information made available publicly today through social media and other big data offerings, Mastek too strongly believes that competitive advantage can be gained only when this data is properly captured and analysed to derive actionable insights. The company’s BI services are thus focused on turning data into absolutely competitive information, to help businesses analyse market trends and new solutions in a much quicker manner and integrate this data with their legacy systems. Mastek, over the years, has utilized these capabilities to create a strong business for itself in Digital Commerce.

In addition to helping enterprises leverage BI on the commercial front, Mastek has also been focused on building social value out of the data, to identify vulnerable people in the society and assist them with healthcare. One such venture undertaken by Mastek was a project with the National Health Service (NHS), UK, where the company helped NHS over haul its Identity and Access Management System (IAM), a slick authentication process for clinicians. With the help of Mastek’s BI and Analytics services, NHS was able to develop a more efficient, flexible and scalable IAM system (known as CareID)to meet complex authentication needs across hospitals, GP practices and other NHS organisations. Moreover, the healthcare system was also able to bring its secure data warehouse back in house, to gain performance improvements and cost savings.

Future Engagements
Having assisted several organisations in their Digital Transformation strategies over the last three decades, Mastek has emerged as a distinguished solutions provider in this domain with extensive industry expertise. Be it in the financial services segment, retail or the public sector, the company today stands as one of the most credible business
partners for digital transformation. Attributing this success to the company’s work ethic, CEO John believes that it is Mastek’s engineering talent and heritage, transparency and delivery track record that helps the company differentiate itself in the market today.

Moving forward, Mastek intends to keep its engineering heritage alive through acquiring and nurturing the right engineering talent across its key business areas of India, US and the UK. Endeavouring to emerge as a leader in enterprise digital transformation, the company also hopes to bring more innovations that combine simple business models and engineering excellence, in the near future.