Naraiuran Controls: Demystifying Automation with Completely Integrated Solutions

CIO Vendor With the advent of technology innovations in the automation landscape, today's enterprises look out for unparalleled automation solutions to accomplish the cost-effective method of production, operational efficiency and optimal usage of resources. Owing to large consumption of automation products, India's automation realm brings out a colossal amount of opportunities to the automation technology players. Indeed, enterprises demand innovative as well as trustworthy technology partners who are capable of offering complete integrated solutions for automation. In such a context, Chennai-headquartered Naraiuran Controls (INDIA) Pvt Ltd. enters as an automation system integrator who delivers complete integrated solutions with study, design and implementation facilities. “We are one of few SME automation companies which provide completely integrated solutions from Plant Engineering to Automation, MES and Cloud ERP. We position ourselves as a value-added partner to customers. Our 20 years of experience in discrete, continuous, or batch automation projects, supports us to provide solutions pro-actively,” affirms Ravi Shankar, Managing Director of Naraiuran Controls (INDIA) Pvt Ltd. The company offers cost-effective industrial automation solutions for plant engineering, and control and automation, manufacturing engineering solutions and Cloud ERP product etc.

With its Cloud ERP product, www.onclouderp. com, Naraiuran Controls enables small and medium sized businesses in manufacturing, retailing and trading by offering value propositions such as ease of use, mobile first approach and secured Cloud (with Google) etc. “The product we designed is self-driven, which facilitates quick implementation and zero post implementation cost. We have case studies where customers globally implemented in a week time with online guidance and are supporting regional languages all over
the world,” shares Ravi Shankar. Additionally, it offers unique benefits like no upfront cost and pay-per-use, and UX design etc. to modern entrepreneurs in global SME zone.

Naraiuran Controls Focuses On Delivering Right Hardware to Its Clients While Ensuring Optimum Automation Compatibility

Naraiuran Controls focuses on delivering right hardware to its clients while ensuring optimum automation compatibility. According to Ravi Shankar, “Understanding the application and the purpose of automation are important to design the system. We provide solutions suitable for the application, and the selection of the product based on customer inventory and in alignment with product sustainability in the market”. When it comes to its Control and Automation solutions, the company has experience and technology prowess to build solutions that are customized according to clients' requirements. It follows an approach of perceiving the concern at the time of execution and reinforces its clients' enterprise realm even after execution. The experience in various brands of automation products coupled with technology adroitness, enables the team to be self-supportive to give solutions in time.

The in-house team of Naraiuran Controls delivers affordable, cost-effective and quality solutions. It plans to outspread its operations in USA besides its presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman and headquarters in Chennai along with branches in Coimbatore and Ranchi.

“As a complete integrated solution provider, we are focused on IOT integration and Cloud Solutions for turnkey industrial automation to reduce cost in SAAS model,” providing END to END solutions concludes Ravi Shankar.