Addverb Technologies: Strengthening Complete Supply Chain Operations

CIO Vendor With E-commerce being on the rise more than ever before and GST implementation, supply chain professionals are faced with an increasing set of challenges from their rapidly growing operations. A slew of challenges surrounding inventory location and accuracy, inefficient warehouse designing and layouts, complicated Indian tax regulations and redundant and time consuming processes are disrupting the flow of supply chain management for industries. As a result, there is a need for automation solutions to handle the scale and complexity of entire supply chain, while significantly reducing unit costs and increasing the stock accuracy and visibility. Acknowledging this pressing need of the industry, New Delhi headquartered Addverb Technologies brings to the fore Industry and Warehouse Automation solutions to strengthen the complete supply chain operations of their customers.

Having just recently ventured into the market, Addverb Technologies was established with a vision to help customers leverage technologies within their supply chain to unlock its full potential. The company has been catering to solutions for Industrial Robotics, Warehouse Automation, Industrial IoT Solutions and System Integration for Automated Material Handling Systems since then. To implement these services, the company leverages the technical expertise of an adept team of professionals who bring together their sound knowledge and industry experience of over 20 years in the manufacturing and warehouse space. “What differentiates us is our vast amount of industry experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes which helps us to customize solutions according to the client's unique requirement,” affirms Prateek Jain, Co-Founder & COO, Addverb Technologies.

Addverb intends to disrupt the entire manufacturing landscape by providing innovative solutions in Industrial Robotics, Warehouse Automation & Industrial IoT. They cater to all the three verticals of Storage,Storage, Picking & Dispatch for warehouse operations. Their
Dense Racking Solution with Pallet Shuttles provides the best utilization of space, while their ASRS solution allows seamless movement and accurate storage for high volume inventory. Addverb has disrupted the Picking Solutions market with its products Addbin (Pick-By-Light) and Khushi (Pick-By Voice). Khushi, enables voice directed picking and drives up efficiency of the picking operations. Their WMS (Addloc) and Sortation system enable accurate dispatch process.

Addverb intends to disrupt the entire manufacturing landscape by providing innovative solutions in Industrial Robotics, Warehouse Automation & Industrial IoT

Addverb has extensively used Bluetooth beacons and wireless communication to provide Real Time Tracking Applications for inventory and Forklifts. Addmove (Real Time Forklift Tracking) and Addverb’s Yard Management System are one of the most innovative solutions in industrial IoT space. “Combining IoT with our technology brings greater visibility across processes and helps us to rectify problems that arise in a manufacturing environment or a warehouse, in a more agile manner,” elaborates Prateek.

Addverb Technologies also functions as an integrator of Industrial Robotics Systems and collaborates with robotics manufacturers to engineer custom end of arm tools, controls and equipment to provide a complete robotic system solution.

Despite a recent beginning, Addverb Technologies has been at the forefront of innovation by incorporating emerging disruptive technologies into their solution suite. The company hopes to leverage opportunities in the areas of Automation, IoT, Robotics and Augmented Reality to bring more novel products to the Indian market in the upcoming future.