Yethi Consulting-Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy Through Test Automation

CIO Vendor Modern corporations are under constant pressure to innovate and progressively digitize their business operations. CIOs are confronted with the challenge of best-of-breed system integrated service delivery and early market launch, leading not only to complex technology deployments, but also enhancing volume and velocity of change. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of these technology investments, enterprises are increasingly focusing on the discipline of software quality assurance. Recognizing that delays in identifying defects can have a spiraling impact on cost, reputation and reliability, it is estimated that globally CIO’s are budgeting over 30 percent of their development budgets towards testing.

While manual testing dominates the current quality assurance practice, it has intrinsic limitations since the process is repetitive and time consuming. Additionally, continuous changes in application could render process unstable and lead to insufficient verification for all real-world scenarios within the time-crunched schedule. Many organizations have attempted automating their testing processes to improve speed, coverage and reliability. However, high degree of skills and effort required to write and maintain test scripts often negate the benefits of automation.

We have recently seen a specialized services provider with a solution that combines the flexibility of manual testing and the robustness of automation testing. Bangalore-based Yethi Consulting is a niche testing solutions provider who has built a test-acceleration solution. They bring together domain expertize, a unique tool, an appreciation of complex application architecture and an understanding of points of failure or weakness within logical structures. Tenjin, their flagship product, is an intelligent 5th generation test automation engine designed for scriptless
test execution.
“Our vision for Tenjin was to move away from the traditional technically-driven testing to an intuitive and powerful user interface that business users or test analysts can operate. Since Tenjin involves no scripting, it can be leveraged by business analysts and domain experts without the support of test-automation engineers. Its ability to intelligently navigate the application improves data-entry speeds and therefore productivity undoubtedly increases. Tenjin is our first step towards simplifying testing.” proclaims Mr. Savanur, CTO at Yethi Consulting.

Bangalore-based Yethi Consulting is a niche testing solutions provider who has built a test-acceleration solution.

Tenjin eliminates many of the challenges prevalent in test-automation tools by rapidly syncing-up with changes, executing more test cases in less time and shifting focus to increasing test coverage. CIOs appreciate this approach since Tenjin can execute test scenarios as business processes, across multiple systems, seamlessly, thereby enabling business users to simulate real-life scenarios.
Yethi’s track record of successful implementations in international as well as Indian banks has yielded in 5x to 7X productivity over manual testing. The critical success factor is Tenjin’s ability to adapt to application changes within minutes, while maximizing reuse of test-assets with minimal maintenance.

With pre-built adaptors for many enterprise-wide applications like core-banking, CRM, lending systems etc., Tenjin is poised to be quickly adopted by financial institutions. “We are
confident that Tenjin can transform the testing landscape by increasing the Return on Investment (RoI). Tenjin being industry agnostic, we are confident of demonstrating increased RoI and high quality across industries like Insurance, Telecom and Manufacturing” shares Mr.Narasimhan, CEO at
Yethi Consulting.