Paloji Technologies- Providing Customizable Business Process Automation Software and Visually Appea

CIO Vendor Aslam Paloji, the CEO of Paloji Technologies explains that Business Process Automation in Manpower Recruitment Industry and other sectors has failed to fill the gap of business requirements, primarily because of the level of customization demanded by the customers. However, Paloji Technologies’ approach to business automation is unique. It is because this Mumbai based company demonstrates the skeletal version of software and allows the customers to customize as per their requirements. The company has developed expertise in catering to Manpower Recruitment Industry by providing customizable Business Process Automation Solutions.

Paloji Technologies focuses on Manpower Recruitment Industry catering to Gulf Region. This Industry is responsible for bringing maximum foreign remittance from overseas and mainly from gulf countries. To help automate the business process of Recruitment Industry, Paloji Technologies has developed arsysPro - VisaSoft. This Software automates the complete business process of Recruitment Industry.
Traditionally, the customers have different spreadsheets or registers to manage their customer requirements and details of each recruit. Due to which, the task becomes tedious while handling multiple projects of same clients. On the other hand, Paloji Technologies’ VisaSoft helps store the data of recruit and each process from Selection to Departure. “The Recruitment Company can ask about the status of each candidate, status of their customer projects with simple clicks and search. All data is centralized on the server and application is made Cloud compatible so that it can be accessed from any location thus minimizing the dependence of fixed location data,” adds Aslam.
Apart from providing Business Process Automation services to manpower and recruitment consultants, Paloji Technologies’ strength also lies in designing visually appealing websites. “We project ourselves as a company which provides technical expertise in creating Online Identity. Our approach is usually creating an Online Identity first and steadily approaching clients with business process automation,” unveils Aslam. He further explains that his team’s strength has been in closely working with companies and understanding their requirements and providing them with desired solution. “With every order we work, we make it a point that we approach clients with deliverables rather than client calling us to ask what's the progress. This is our unique strategy in executing each order,” emphasizes Aslam.
In the future, Aslam envisions Paloji Technologies to cater to different business verticals that are looking forward for business process automation. We also want to work closely with Fresh Entrepreneurs / Start up companies and develop their online business Identity and software to manage their business process.

Paloji Technologies’ VisaSoft helps store the data of recruit and each process from Selection to Departure.

The company would also start a comprehensive solution under the banner of “GulfNest International”, which will cater to every organization which wants to be associated with the Gulf market. “Down the lane, we also envision to be known as the creators of Visual Business Identity which constitutes services such as Logo creation, Visiting cards, Brochure, Website, Graphical Business Management Software, Mobile Application and corporate videos,” signs off Aslam.