Crestron- Reinventing Lifestyle with Integrated Automation Solutions

CIO Vendor Meeting room management has become increasingly important to industrial automation. Luxury and convenience is perceived to be bought through automation, a weapon of choice. In addition, monitoring software provides an integrated platform which creates truly smart buildings that saves energy, reduces overhead cost and enhances worker productivity. The increasing preference of end-users for convenience, connectivity, safety & security, and demand for energy efficient and green product solutions are expected to drive the growth of this market. With all the technology seamlessly integrated, everything is at the push of a button. Moreover, connecting appliances through WiFi is a fast growing trend in the automation industry.

Only Crestron, one of the leading organizations offering automation and control solutions, can monitor, manage, and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally by integrating disparate systems. In essence, Creston believes to be the only organization that offers total solutions that other players don’t have.

Going a step further, Crestron’s lighting control and energy management solutions provides total environmental control to conserve energy and lower costs by combining automated dimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load shedding. Crestron delivers complete building management for maximum energy and operational efficiency. “Crestron offers future-proof products that are capable for future expansion; the scalability of Crestron solutions gives our customer a complete peace of mind for ever-changing requirements as well as improving the entire performance at the same time,” reveals Harry Lam, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of Crestron.
Crestron caters to different level stakeholders like the government, corporate, educational institutions, residential, etc. integrating systems such as A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC. Creston provides an array of applications and softwares to ensure a convenient lifestyle, one of them being Crestron Pyng app. It is a technology that quickly and easily configures and controls the whole-home audio systems, lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks and security systems. This home automation app can be used to set up devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with custom presets.

Crestron energy management solution could provide the most energy efficient, cost effective solution by integrating separate environmental systems on a common platform.

A Crestron touch screen that is connected to the Pyng system automatically adds the entire system, providing instant connectivity and control.
Furthermore, Crestron unveils PinPoint™ with location detection. An individual’s device can always know what room it’s in to ensure the controls displayed are applicable to the room you’re in.
Harry Lam concludes with his perceptions of the future, "There is the need to enhance energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy, in order to decouple growth in energy demand from economic growth in India. It is believed that India wants to sustain this rate of growth in order to eradicate poverty and improve living standards. For this, Crestron energy management solution could provide the most energy efficient, cost effective solution by integrating separate environmental systems on a common platform, achieving a synergy that delivers optimal control and savings which is in line with India Smart City Plan in the future.”