Automation Engineers A.B- Enabling Efficient and Quality Manufacturing

CIO Vendor Usually most Industrial Automation suppliers are product traders who are dealers of various companies manufacturing Automation Products. They do not possess any expertise on product application knowledge. These products are not used as a standalone product instead they are a part of a system. They require a system designer who can incorporate and fit the product to implement a process solution. There are a limited number of solution providers in the market. Most of them face challenges in System Solution Design due to lack of intricate process knowledge. Process owners (Customers) need assistance from such Industrial Automation suppliers who has the capability to handle product distribution as well as system solution.

Automation Engineers A.B Pvt. Ltd works with the OEM’s & Consultants, it is capable of gathering the domain knowledge and offer innovative solutions. Most of these are tried,tested and pre-tuned to the system requirements. This Delhi based Industrial automation supplier possesses knowledge in multiple domains of Process as well as Production Automation.“We possess multiple domain knowledge due to which we are an exclusive solution provider having expert knowledge in varied manufacturing Processes as well as Production Automation solutions. The clients get a single source of solution for complete Power distribution and Process & Machine Automation,” unveils Ashok Somani.
He further points out that, AEAB team offers a dedicated Process Monitoring & Control system specifically designed for Sectional Drive and Process Control in Paper Manufacturing & Finishing, Metal Sheet Rolling and Finishing processes. The company specializes in Paper Machines, Slitter-Rewinders, Sheet Cutters using Rotary and other types of cutting mechanisms, Sheet Rolling, Coating, Galvanizing, Tube making etc. to name a few. In addition to these the company also specializes in General & Chemical Process Automation using Distributed Control System and automation of any machinery involving
Motion Control.
Automation Engineers A.B Pvt. Ltd is also an associate of Siemens. As an associate of Siemens, the company has accessibility to their specialized knowledge bank.“We are the only solution partner throughout India who are certified for Large Drive Systems as well as Process Control & Factory Automation combined,” adds Ashok. To provide various solutions and services, the company has segregated dedicated team of engineers for hardware design, software engineering and site supervision & commissioning and After sales activities. Ashok briefs that after sales activities of his team encompass AMC support. “We have dedicated in-house assembly shop where we do panel assembly and testing too including complete factory acceptance tests,” points out the MD.

AEAB team offers a dedicated Process Monitoring & Control system specifically designed for Sectional Drive and Process Control in Paper Manufacturing & Finishing, Metal Sheet Rolling and Finishing processes.

As Automation Engineers A.B provides numerous Industrial Automation services, it claims to be one stop source for manufacturing industries. It is because, the company has standard as well as tailor made solutions for most requirements of electrical control required in an industrial plant. Services and solutions encompass Electrical Power Distribution, Power Monitoring & Control, Factory Automation, Process Automation, and Machine Automation to Equipment Supply, Customer Training etc. When it comes to engineering a new solution for a new application, this ISO 9001:2008 certified company is capable of taking challenges and take it through satisfactory conclusion. The company has added process instrumentation and control systems as new area to augment its existing field of system integration. Additionally, it is also in the process of certification from National Skill Development Centre for training institutes who provide basic as well as advanced skills to new entrants.“We sincerely hope to achieve good growth and become a prominent name in this field of Industrial Automation by adding new verticals. As a result, we hope to add substantial business to our basket,” signs of Ashok.