Insights on automationshift- A CXO conference on automation and AI, organised by TWB

Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB_ | Thursday, 21 September 2017, 10:53 IST

1. Tell us more about automationshift_.

automationshift_ is a CXO conference on automation and AI, organized by TWB_.

This one-of-its-kind conference was focused on how companies are leveraging AI and automation for transformation across the enterprise and various functions including Product Management & Engineering, Marketing and Learning. The conference featured C-level speakers from companies with hands-on AI/ automation programs. 

The conference also included a curated showcase of AI startups, as well as a 100-page show report on "Leveraging AI," a book that features perspectives of Indian and international thought leaders and CXOs. It was a limited distribution to CXOs and key media.

2. How, do you think, the conference created a highly interactive platform for CXOs to address the latest trends in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The conference was effectively designed to bring together CXOs, industry thought leaders, stakeholders, leading HR managers, dynamic entrepreneurs, business leaders, analysts and professionals from across the rapidly changing technology industry landscape on a common platform.

The conference created a platform for them to share their vision on how continually evolving technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, and Automation, among many others are enabling digitally-driven businesses while best addressing the evolving HR needs and the future of work. Moreover, leading CXOs shed more light on how they are leveraging AI + automation + machine learning to drive higher efficiencies across organizations within their companies.

3. Do you think automation and AI will impact human jobs?

Automation is changing the technology and manpower landscape rapidly. The common narrative is the pain caused by automation however automation provides tremendous efficiencies and allows even higher scale.

As per latest report by US-based research firm HfS Research, almost one-third of ‘low-skilled’ jobs, about 7 lakh, will be lost on account of automation in Indian IT by 2022. However, the report further adds that the number of ‘medium-skilled’ and ‘high-skilled’ jobs to go up by 1 lakh and 1.9 lakh, respectively. It shows that the industry focus has to move from hiring to re-skilling, and re-skilling quickly. As a whole, the industry is hiring fewer fresher graduates. Given the macro environment, people are hiring more onsite. And while jobs at the bottom of the pyramid are the first to get automated, there are still ways to stay relevant as an Indian IT professional.

4. How the conference served as a great opportunity for startups to network with the industry and to learn CXO perspective?

The inspiring keynotes, informative sessions, and discussions at the conference engaged all the emerging entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts to discuss the latest industry trends and learn the perspective of leading CXOs. Subsequently, they got to learn the best practises and how CXOs are leveraging machine learning to drive higher efficiencies across organizations across Marketing + Product Engineering/Management + Learning.

The first of its kind conference was designed to showcase the latest in technological innovations emerging from the startup ecosystem.  The comprehensive platform presented a Product in AI track for India’s leading AI start-ups which had AI startups that already have significant market traction. These startups were represented by their founders and include Dr. Ashim Roy, Founder & CEO, Cardiotrack (healthcare); Sanjay Singh, Founder & CEO, QorQl (healthcare); Sachin Jaiswal, Co-Founder & CEO, (customer service); and  Subrat Parida, Founder & CEO, (sales enablement).

The conference was only for a limited set of 100+ leaders in AI and change-makers in Software, Manufacturing, Lifesciences, BFSI who are eager to get a start in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

5. Did the conference showcase latest innovations and AI products?

Yes, the conference included a curated showcase of AI startups and latest innovations taking place in the technology sector. Dynamic entrepreneurs got an opportunity to showcase their products and latest innovations in front of the biggest CEOs and media fraternity. The conference showcased highly selected game-changing AI products which participants had never seen before.

6. What is ‘Leadership perspective on the automationshift_’?

The conference presented an exclusive report, ‘Leadership perspective on the automationshift_,’ a 100+ page compilation of the most influential thinking on automation and machine learning that is changing Marketing + Product Management/Engineering + Learning. This includes perspectives from authors across the world the opinion of Indian thought leaders and CXOs.

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